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Lenten Retreat Service on 18 March 2015


The REC Committee organized Lenten Retreat Service on 18 March 2015 at Constantia Hall of YWCA of Delhi.  It was beautifully decorated with white and red flowers and a banner with a picture of Christ was displayed.  There was a gathering of 100 people.

The Service began with Lamp lighting ceremony. Ms. Aparna Balasundaram, Chairperson-REC, gave welcoming message.  Revd Dheera Bhola led us in opening prayer.  Opening hymn “Calvary Crus Par Mera Yesu” was sung by the choir of Women’s Training Institute (WTI).  Ms. Aparna Balasundram read Psalm 51:6,7,10 from the bible.  The Speaker, Revd Sunil S. Ghazan was introduced by Ms. Lalita Sen Joshua.

Revd. Ghazan spoke on “Observing Lent in Changing Time”.  He gave us the message we should try to change ourselves during lent period and the change should be noticed by the people.  He said, “Feel, repent and go on”.  We should feel the pain when we sin, repentance should not be ending our life but we should go on in life with repentance and positivity that we will never repeat our mistakes.  After his message, there was an interactive session with the audience.  Many people asked questions which were answered by Revd. Sunil S. Ghazan.

Offeratory hymn, “What a Friend we have in Jesus”, was sung by Choir of WTI.  During the hymn, people offered grains like Sooji, rice, dals, masala etc.  These items will be given to the needy.

The service ended with Lord’s Prayer and Benediction.

The General Secretary gave vote of thanks and invited everyone to lunch.  Lunch was served to all.






Matritava Chhaya with Zilla Mahila Samman

Delhi Commission for Women of the NCT Delhi felicitated two of our residents of Matritava Chhaya with  Zilla Mahila Samman  for their courage to fight against all odds .They were awarded by the Dy. Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Manish Sisodia on 8th March at Delhi Secretariat. 

Advanced English Communication

The One Billion Rising Programme.

The One Billion Rising Programme held at Jantar Mantar on 14.02.2015 was a great success and all credit goes out to each one of you who despite the wind and weather was all out there in full form

The high spirit to stand up against all kinds of atrocities on women, the excellent impromptu dance performances of the young girls, the captivating beating of the drums by the RDP, the thought-provoking theme based song by the UDP, the control and guidance of the crowd by the WTI, were all a living testimony of what the Y stands for.

Delhi Minorities Commission

An awareness generation programme on minorities rights was organized on 17th March 2015 by YWCA of Delhi’s Urban Development Project (UDP) at Sangam Vihar. The financial support for this programme was provided by the Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC). Around 250 beneficiaries have attended the awareness Generation programme in the auspicious presence of Hon’ble Janab Qamar Ahmed (Chairman DMC), Mr. Vikas Goyal (Deputy Secretary- DMC) and their staff.  It was also attended by the key opinion Leaders from the Community.


The Chairman, DMC – Mr. Qamar Ahmad informed the communities about the minorities rights and the Constitutional provisions for them, e.g. Article 20 gives the religious and linguistic minorities rights to manage education institutions of their own. Article 30 is vital to the protection and prevention of rights of the minorities. Apart from this he explained about the various schemes the Government of India has started for the welfare of the Minorities. He even told about the various scholarship schemes & how one can approach to attain them. Students of Computer training Programme performed a skit with theme of ‘Saksham Bano’ & a kavali on the empowerment of women/girls.


From the YWCA of Delhi, Ms. Shashi Obeid, General Secretary and UDP-HOP, Mr. Nafees Ahmad along with staff from UDP & GA attended the programme.  It was concluded by the HOD-UDP with vote of thanks to all the participants

Gardeners Training

YWCA of Delhi successfully organized the Gardeners Training on the 13th and 14th of March 2015. Over 34 Gardeners from various government and private institutions were present for the training. The training was Sponsored by the National Horticulture Board, (Govt of India),  in association with YWCA. Resource persons from horticulture departments of various government organizations were present as facilitators for the event.

This training was conducted for two days. DR. S.S Sindhu principal scientist from the IARI was the convener of the Training. On the first day Dr B.C Katiyar, Deputy Director Horticulture Division CPWD took an interesting session on potting and repotting of ornamental plants. On the latter half of the day Mr KVK Sinha, former Deputy Director CPWD took gave a lesson on preparation of flower pots for exhibition, of Chrysanthemum, Dalia, Bouganvilla and other winter flowers. He also enlightened the gardeners with the usage and maintenance of gardening tools. Mr S.K Mathur , former Director Horticulture Rashtapati Bhawan, gave an informative lecture on different garden features, avenue, trees, hedges and climbers.

 On day two a session on landscape designing and bio aesthetic planning of various gardens were taken by Dr Sindhu, he also provided information to the gardeners about year around calendar of seasonal flowers and nursery raising techniques. The gardeners were shown different slide show of flowers, potting and gardening techniques etc. A question and answer session was also conducted and a test was taken by them to reflect on the knowledge they gained through this training. The gardeners were individually marked on their performances. At the end each gardener was presented with a certificate for successfully completing the training. On the latter half of the day, gardeners were also taken for a field visit to Rose garden, lodhi road, Neheru Park and Madrasa Nursery. Mr Babu Khan Deputy Director NDMC accompanied us on the visit. He informed and enlightened us about various, flowers, plants and their conservation techniques while taking us through all the gardens.

 Overall it was an interesting training session, much appreciated and enjoyed by the gardeners. The question answer session helped them to clarify a lot of doubts about gardening techniques and conservation of flowers and usage of tools etc. The field visit was extremely interesting as the gardeners got a firsthand experience and knowledge about the maintenance of such huge gardens and myriad variety of flowers. We are extremely thankful to the National Horticulture board for supporting YWCA in fulfilling their priority to ‘go green’.

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YWCA of Delhi …

It has been a hundred years since the YWCA of Delhi has established itself firmly on the social sector map alongside other great institutions. The core values of YWCA of Delhi such as emancipation of the scores of under privileged, economically weak and distressed people of society of this institution have remained consistent over the past century.

Systematically organized under various departments, YWCA of Delhi work towards achieving the quadrennium goals, be it the empowerment of women, being mindful and looking after the environment, working with the victimised, working on justice and rights issues or working on ecumenical and inter faith dialogue. We work with various government agencies and civil society groups.